BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge pull request #567 from tbm/typosThomas Perl7 days
2.21urlwatch-2.21.tar.gz  urlwatch-2.21.zip  Thomas Perl8 weeks
2.20urlwatch-2.20.tar.gz  urlwatch-2.20.zip  Thomas Perl8 weeks
2.19urlwatch-2.19.tar.gz  urlwatch-2.19.zip  Thomas Perl2 months
2.18urlwatch-2.18.tar.gz  urlwatch-2.18.zip  Thomas Perl5 months
2.17urlwatch-2.17.tar.gz  urlwatch-2.17.zip  Thomas Perl17 months
2.16urlwatch-2.16.tar.gz  urlwatch-2.16.zip  Thomas Perl20 months
2.15urlwatch-2.15.tar.gz  urlwatch-2.15.zip  Thomas Perl23 months
2.14urlwatch-2.14.tar.gz  urlwatch-2.14.zip  Thomas Perl2 years
2.13urlwatch-2.13.tar.gz  urlwatch-2.13.zip  Thomas Perl2 years
2.12urlwatch-2.12.tar.gz  urlwatch-2.12.zip  Thomas Perl2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 daysMerge pull request #567 from tbm/typosHEADmasterThomas Perl
7 daysMerge pull request #569 from sbraz/pycodestyleThomas Perl
8 daysImport pycodestyle in the relevant test to make it easier to skipLouis Sautier
9 daysFix typosMartin Michlmayr
2020-08-20Merge pull request #557 from PeterDaveHello/DisableDockerfilePipCacheThomas Perl
2020-08-20Disable PIP cache in Dockerfile, make the Docker image smallerPeter Dave Hello
2020-08-12Update CHANGELOG.md for PR#550Thomas Perl
2020-08-12Merge pull request #550 from ad1217/fix-unified-diffThomas Perl
2020-08-12Fix diff generation for lines without newlineAdam Goldsmith
2020-07-31docs: Update list of built-in reportersThomas Perl