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2020-01-29Signature of issue 20HEADmasterAnge Albertini
2020-01-28Indexes for issue 20Ange Albertini
2020-01-27Content-only file of Issue 20Ange Albertini
2020-01-27Release file of issue 20Ange Albertini
2019-10-08fixed stupid mistakeAnge Albertini
2019-10-08remaining screenshotsAnge Albertini
2019-10-08improved screenshotsAnge Albertini
2019-10-07BPG polyglot screenshotAnge Albertini
2019-10-07screenshots for WavPack and PostScript polyglotsAnge Albertini
2019-10-07AGC polyglot screenshotAnge Albertini
2019-10-07screenshot for issue 15Ange Albertini
2019-10-07screenshots for issues 02-05Ange Albertini
2019-10-06removed extra newlinesAnge
2019-10-06screenshots for 14-hashquine and 19-pileupAnge
2019-05-12detailed manual PE fixingAnge
2019-05-12PDF fix clarificationAnge
2019-05-12documented PDF fix for issue 19Ange
2019-05-11write-up of issue 0x19Ange
2019-04-03missing linkAnge Albertini
2019-03-28Issue 0x19Ange
2019-03-07fixed pics on the same rowAnge
2019-03-07collision coversAnge
2019-03-06symbols of Volume I & IIAnge
2018-08-19misc reorderingAnge
2018-08-19page countsAnge
2018-08-12better timeline with thumbnailsAnge
2018-08-11Manual ToCAnge
2018-07-27covers alternate textAnge Albertini
2018-07-27image checkered background, and blur on missing ALTAnge Albertini
2018-07-272nd volume link - retryingAnge Albertini
2018-07-27link to buy volume 2Ange Albertini
2018-07-22more regular spacingAnge
2018-07-22added issue covers to indexAnge
2018-07-22issue coversAnge
2018-07-18explicit 'local' linksAnge Albertini
2018-07-18added links to authorsAnge Albertini
2018-07-05fixed a few pages index mistakesAnge Albertini
2018-06-26Pandoc CSSAnge Albertini
2018-06-26PoC||GTFO crestAnge Albertini
2018-06-26moving contents-only PDFs to their own subdirAnge Albertini
2018-06-2518:11 index entryAnge Albertini
2018-06-25issue 18Ange Albertini
2018-06-25fixed pages in indexAnge Albertini
2018-06-24index as HTMLAnge
2018-06-24renamed standard PDFs as contents*.pdfAnge
2018-06-24Issues 14-17 as standard PDFsAnge
2018-06-24Issues 08-13 as standard PDFsAnge
2018-06-24Issue 00-07 as standard PDFsAnge
2018-06-23issues 0-17 w/ index & hashesAnge