AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-06* changes in the protocolupdate_ida_binja_interacthugsy
2019-03-27Merge pull request #413 from daniellimws/grep-rangecrazy rabbidz
2019-03-25Address commentsDaniel Lim Wee Soong
2019-03-23Pinning pylint to 2.3.0 to avoid exception during CIcrazy rabbidz
2019-03-23Merge pull request #431 from daniellimws/fix-relrocrazy rabbidz
2019-03-23Fix checksec inaccuracy with RelRODaniel Lim Wee Soong
2019-03-20Fixed #428crazy rabbidz
2019-02-23Update license and gef to 2019hugsy
2019-02-18search-pattern: Change search space to be argument after endiannessdaniellimws
2019-02-18search-pattern: replace binary with filepathdaniellimws
2019-02-18search-pattern: Add search rangedaniellimws
2019-02-18Change to use parse_string_rangedaniellimws
2019-02-17Show a few options in docs for csGrazfather
2019-02-12Merge pull request #420 from vitapluvia/highlightcrazy rabbidz
2019-02-11add custom match highlightingVita Pluvia
2019-02-08Truncate long source file name and prevent negative width fieldGrazfather
2019-02-08Reset caches in set_gef_setting. Fixes #410Grazfather
2019-01-24Merge pull request #414 from daniellimws/scan-rangecrazy rabbidz
2019-01-24Add global function to parse address rangedaniellimws
2019-01-23Merge pull request #417 from wbowling/context-sub-commandscrazy rabbidz
2019-01-23Merge pull request #418 from wbowling/fix-heap-errorcrazy rabbidz
2019-01-23Show a nicer message when the heap can't be foundWilliam Bowling
2019-01-23dont clear the screen when manually specifying a layoutWilliam Bowling
2019-01-23update docsWilliam Bowling
2019-01-23allow context to take an list of layouts to displayWilliam Bowling
2019-01-22scan: allow specify address rangedaniellimws
2019-01-18Add named breakpoints command (#412)Kileak
2019-01-17Merge pull request #411 from ulidtko/patch-1crazy rabbidz
2019-01-17Merge pull request #407 from Tiecoon/devcrazy rabbidz
2019-01-04Fix crash on Old GDB warningMaxim Ivanov
2018-12-22update ida script to lowercaseLuke Biery
2018-12-22update binja script to lowercaseLuke Biery
2018-12-22convert bool to string for ida-interact debugLuke Biery
2018-11-30Update on Issue #398crazy rabbidz
2018-11-21Create .gitattributescrazy rabbidz
2018-11-21[issue #398] replaced the use of `show commands` with the actual last command...hugsy
2018-11-21Update .gitignorecrazy rabbidz
2018-11-21Simplified README + following #397 defining a setting to display or not the h...hugsy
2018-11-18hexdump: Show chars even if not in 'byte' mode (#397)Grazfather
2018-11-16Fix disable_redirect_output to fix #383 (#388)Grazfather
2018-11-16Align source extra info with code (#390)Grazfather
2018-11-16emu: Use .format instead of % to format (#395)Grazfather
2018-11-15Non main heap arena fixes (#392)William Bowling
2018-11-15ci: Point to hugsy's dockerhub image (#394)Grazfather
2018-11-14Update .gitignorecrazy rabbidz
2018-11-14Add test for 'got' command (#389)Grazfather
2018-11-14Add 'got' command to list functions in .got section (#385)degrigis
2018-11-06Issue #377 Added requirements file with versions for python3 dependencies (#381)Reagan Kirby
2018-11-03Fixed syntax issue in Dockerfile calling trinity script (#379)Reagan Kirby
2018-11-03heap commands with no symbols (#373)William Bowling