AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-14Rename arg to arg_lowerfix-hexdump-caseDaniel Lim Wee Soong
2020-04-14hexdump: Do not convert ADDRESS argument to lower caseDaniel Lim Wee Soong
2020-04-13Merge pull request #523 from Mic92/nixos-fixescrazy rabbidz
2020-04-13use relative path to bash/python/psJörg Thalheim
2020-04-12Issue #524 pattern-search & pattern-create accept non base10 size (using int(...hugsy
2020-04-11Merge pull request #521 from masterAllen/devcrazy rabbidz
2020-04-11[context] clear_screen is now on by defaultcrazy rabbidz
2020-04-11Struct of tcache chunks has changed after glibc2.30masterAllen
2020-04-08Merge pull request #520 from nbanmp/patch-1Daniel Lim Wee Soong
2020-04-07Fix exception when the heap section is unavailableNathan
2020-04-03Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:hugsy/gef into devhugsy
2020-04-03FIX missing command name in `help`Pyraun
2020-04-03Add param for linteryrp
2020-04-03Replace imp with importlibyrp
2020-04-03Add --upgrade as an alias to --updateyrp
2020-04-03[memory watch] added new format "pointers" , updated the documentationhugsy
2020-04-03Merge pull request #519 from Pyraun/devcrazy rabbidz
2020-04-03FIX missing command name in `help`Pyraun
2020-04-01Merge pull request #512 from yrp604/imp-deprecatedcrazy rabbidz
2020-03-22Add param for linteryrp
2020-03-22Replace imp with importlibyrp
2020-03-22Merge pull request #511 from yrp604/upgradecrazy rabbidz
2020-03-22Add --upgrade as an alias to --updateyrp
2020-03-08Update bug_report.md2020.03-1crazy rabbidz
2020-03-08Fixed #508: partial revert of cae071ef3248eba511491257e292e559f8eae8ac to ens...hugsy
2020-03-09Fix irc-notify to print issue numberDaniel Lim Wee Soong
2020-03-03deleted the old issue templatehugsy
2020-03-03Update bug_report.mdcrazy rabbidz
2020-03-01Update README.mdcrazy rabbidz
2020-03-01bad copy/paste2020.03hugsy
2020-03-01fixed #506 by removing the call to platform.linux_distro()hugsy
2020-03-01Merge pull request #495 from YuvalAvra/devcrazy rabbidz
2020-02-29Merge pull request #498 from xeyownt/devcrazy rabbidz
2020-02-29Update README.mdcrazy rabbidz
2020-02-29Merge pull request #503 from k3vinlusec/devcrazy rabbidz
2020-02-19Merge pull request #504 from 0mp/patch-1crazy rabbidz
2020-02-19Use $(MAKE) instead of makeMateusz Piotrowski
2020-02-18Patch the function get_filepath() k3vinlusec
2020-02-16Fix memory watch and hexdump confusing addr with sizeMichaël Peeters
2020-02-15Update README.mdcrazy rabbidz
2020-02-15[issue #457] removed references to python2hugsy
2020-02-15Addressing #502: checking the return value of gdb.block_for_pc for None caseshugsy
2020-02-13Fixed issue #365crazy rabbidz
2020-02-13Merge pull request #500 from xmikasax/devcrazy rabbidz
2020-02-12Tcache chunks sizes miscalculatedIlya
2020-02-06Issue #457: initial deletion on all Python2 code, tests pass, no optimization...chris
2020-02-06Update issue templatescrazy rabbidz
2020-02-06Update irc-notify.ymlcrazy rabbidz
2020-01-28Merge pull request #497 from hjung4/spellDaniel Lim Wee Soong
2020-01-27fix spelling errorscomet