AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysAdd vmmap functionality (#574)devMatthew Rinaldi
2020-09-18Update bug_report.mdcrazy rabbidz
2020-08-25Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:hugsy/gef into devhugsy
2020-08-25Fixed #559: ensure that __gef_default_main_arena__ restores its original valu...hugsy
2020-08-21Merge pull request #560 from Ferenc-/hide_pc_contextcrazy rabbidz
2020-08-21Add option to hide the pc context from the sourceFerenc-
2020-08-10Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:hugsy/gef into devhugsy
2020-08-10minor changes required for gef-extras/b181c6chugsy
2020-08-09Got rid of TinyURLcrazy rabbidz
2020-08-09Create FUNDING.ymlcrazy rabbidz
2020-07-30Update README tiny url to installer script. Fixes #556Grazfather
2020-07-23Display breakpoints in source & asm context (#533)Nicolò Mazzucato
2020-07-23Macho support (#551)Grazfather
2020-07-20ida: Add IDA 7.2+ compatibility (#553)Grazfather
2020-07-19Follow-up of 8205fa1 to mention that lsb_release failed to execute and collec...hugsy
2020-07-19don't crash if lsb_release isn't on systemGrazfather
2020-07-11fixed lint errorshugsy
2020-07-11[docs] updated pcustom to reflect the new syntaxhugsy
2020-07-11[issue #549] general improvementhugsy
2020-06-28[highlight ls] fixed formatinghugsy
2020-06-23Documentation update:hugsy
2020-06-16[issue #544] fixed linting issueshugsy
2020-06-16[issue #544] added location completion for `patch` sub-commandshugsy
2020-06-16[issue #544] added location completion for `memory` and `hexdump` (sub-)comm...hugsy
2020-06-14GDB can fail to correctly delete the retbp defined via the Python API. We saf...HEADmasterhugsy
2020-06-14[ci] updating circle-ci config.ymlhugsy
2020-06-10[circle-ci] updated python version to use importlib.module_from_spec2020.06hugsy
2020-06-10[pcustom] fixed typo in create_new_structure_template()hugsy
2020-06-06[pucstom] added a new setting for the maximum recursionhugsy
2020-06-06[pcustom] added recursive structure supporthugsy
2020-06-06[pcustom] partial rewrite of the command to support multiple structures refer...hugsy
2020-06-03[elf] avoid bad const reuse, move everything to the Elf classhugsy
2020-06-03Fixed #537: wrong machine const for SPARC64 ELFshugsy
2020-05-30[docs] FAQ.mdcrazy rabbidz
2020-05-26Merge pull request #538 from Kyle-Kyle/devcrazy rabbidz
2020-05-25do not clear scrollback bufferKyle ZENG
2020-05-18Update README.mdcrazy rabbidz
2020-05-18Update README.mdcrazy rabbidz
2020-05-18Update README.mdcrazy rabbidz
2020-05-12Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:hugsy/gef into devhugsy
2020-05-12[issue #535] moving binja_gef as a binja plugin (https://github.com/hugsy/gef...hugsy
2020-05-12Update LICENSEcrazy rabbidz
2020-05-05Update .travis.ymlcrazy rabbidz
2020-05-05Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:hugsy/gef into devhugsy
2020-05-05[CI] TravisCI has moved to a 5min execution window which prevents the trinity...hugsy
2020-05-05Update README.mdcrazy rabbidz
2020-05-05Merge pull request #532 from kongjiadongyuan/devcrazy rabbidz
2020-05-04fix potential bug in parsing tcache sizekongjiadongyuan
2020-05-04Merge pull request #518 from chkp-eyalit/devcrazy rabbidz
2020-05-04[docs] README.md fixed link to matterbridgecrazy rabbidz