AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-14Try to resolve array accesses in context sourcearray_infoGrazfather
2018-11-14Add test for 'got' command (#389)Grazfather
2018-11-14Add 'got' command to list functions in .got section (#385)degrigis
2018-11-06Issue #377 Added requirements file with versions for python3 dependencies (#381)Reagan Kirby
2018-11-03Fixed syntax issue in Dockerfile calling trinity script (#379)Reagan Kirby
2018-11-03heap commands with no symbols (#373)William Bowling
2018-10-31Issue #342 Caching all project dependencies with custom docker container (#374)Reagan Kirby
2018-10-28Fix heap analysis hard coding malloc In breakpoint (#375)Reagan Kirby
2018-10-25Merge branch 'master' into devGrazfather
2018-10-25Add pyenv support (#331)JaeRyoung Oh
2018-10-25Return None instead of -1 (#370)William Bowling
2018-10-24Allow the patch command to take an expression as the value (#368)William Bowling
2018-10-23use self in get_ith_parameterGrazfather
2018-10-22Add tcache support to heap bins command (#363)Grazfather
2018-10-22Avoid duplicated is_branch_taken logic in AARCH64Grazfather
2018-10-22Correct missing conditionals and add missingGrazfather
2018-10-22Refactor offset functions and create section offset helpers (#366)William Bowling
2018-10-22Merge pull request #358 from hugsy/less_x86Grazfather
2018-10-22special_registers as class attr not propertyGrazfather
2018-10-22Make DetailRegisters not have x86-specific codeGrazfather
2018-10-22Move get_ith_parameter to ArchGrazfather
2018-10-22Merge pull request #356 from hugsy/fixesGrazfather
2018-10-22Add some minor fixesGrazfather
2018-10-22Improve test for heap-analysis-helperGrazfather
2018-10-22Convert single quotes to doubleGrazfather
2018-10-22use .format in titlifyGrazfather
2018-10-22Remove a few unnecessary byte stringsGrazfather
2018-10-16misc docstringsGrazfather
2018-10-16GlibcChunk: Replace pprint with psprintGrazfather
2018-10-16Make Zone a namedtupleGrazfather
2018-10-16Fixed #357 by reverting back to original behavior when showing non ascii valu...hugsy
2018-10-15remove _xlog and just use gef_printGrazfather
2018-10-15misc tidyupGrazfather
2018-10-15Cache get_gef_settingGrazfather
2018-10-15Use themes in print_settingGrazfather
2018-10-15Make colorify do the string conversionGrazfather
2018-10-15Remove is_<arch> funcs in favour of is_arch(arch)Grazfather
2018-10-15Move is_arm_thumb into ARM classGrazfather
2018-10-15Improve speed of get_memory_alignmentGrazfather
2018-10-14bufferize: fix stdout even on unhandled exception (#352)Grazfather
2018-10-14- Fixed #348hugsy
2018-10-13tests: Convert to output to stringGrazfather
2018-10-13Add cyanifyGrazfather
2018-10-13tests: Don't disable colourGrazfather
2018-10-13Fix read_cstring_from_memoryGrazfather
2018-10-13Fix read_cstring_from_memoryGrazfather
2018-10-12fallback to read memory when gdb api fails to retrieve a cstring (#338)Kyle Zeng
2018-10-12PR template: Add checkbox for correct branch targetGrazfather
2018-10-12Remove xinfo_title_message theme settingGrazfather
2018-10-11fallback to read memory when gdb api fails to retrieve a cstring (#338)Kyle Zeng