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8 daysUpdate readme to point to the updated forkHEADmasterEvengard
2016-12-30Merge pull request #10 from jongiddy/fix-sspi-conditionalEvengard
2016-05-19Wrap SSPI code in conditional checksJonathan Giddy
2015-09-17Merge pull request #3 from kroonwijk/masterEvengard
2015-08-14Set the default values to active SSPI, because that is the default situation ...unknown
2015-08-14Incorporated compilation steps for Windows and improved documentation to inco...unknown
2013-06-05Fixes. Setting for NTLM for now - need rework header creation to allow suppor...Evengard
2013-06-05Forgot newlinesEvengard
2013-06-05SSPI enableEvengard
2013-06-05SSPI realisation (based on CURL)Evengard