BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dev-webremoving report issue from the menu v2easy4MEr3 months
install-scriptDeleted old install scriptsnexus2 months
masterFixed bug in the intel library that was affecting the calls to VirusTotalAesalon9 weeks
redis-databaseWork done on the basic Redis objectsAesalon7 weeks
v.2.1.1FalconGate-v.2.1.1.zip  FalconGate-v.2.1.1.tar.gz  Leonardo Mokarzel Falcon2 months
v2.0.0FalconGate-2.0.0.zip  FalconGate-2.0.0.tar.gz  nexus2 months
v1.5.5FalconGate-1.5.5.zip  FalconGate-1.5.5.tar.gz  Leonardo Mokarzel Falcon20 months
FG-20171106FalconGate-FG-20171106.zip  FalconGate-FG-20171106.tar.gz  A3sal0n23 months
FG-20170929FalconGate-FG-20170929.zip  FalconGate-FG-20170929.tar.gz  Leonardo Mokarzel Falcon2 years
FG-20170705FalconGate-FG-20170705.zip  FalconGate-FG-20170705.tar.gz  Leonardo Mokarzel Falcon2 years
FG-20170505FalconGate-FG-20170505.zip  FalconGate-FG-20170505.tar.gz  Leonardo Mokarzel Falcon2 years
FG-20170404FalconGate-FG-20170404.zip  FalconGate-FG-20170404.tar.gz  Leonardo Mokarzel Falcon3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-08-21Fixed bug in the intel library that was affecting the calls to VirusTotalHEADmasterAesalon
2019-08-21Fixed bug caused by migration to Python3.6 in intel.py libraryAesalon
2019-08-21Fixed an ugly bug in the new iptables rule to prevent incoming connections on...nexus
2019-08-20Merge pull request #68 from A3sal0n/install-scriptv.2.1.1Leonardo Mokarzel Falcon
2019-08-20Deleted old install scriptsinstall-scriptnexus
2019-08-20Minor tuning to iptables rules to disallow incoming connections on external i...nexus
2019-08-20Fixed bug in iptables confnexus
2019-08-19Removed cp command for copying the Exim conf filenexus
2019-08-19Cosmetic changesnexus
2019-08-19Important function uncommentednexus